Carefull, relaxation massage

Due to its gentle and safe touch technique, a care massage is suitable for anyone seeking profound relaxation. Mental and physical ailments such as pain, anxiety, fatigue, depression, and nausea will be naturally and pleasantly alleviated through a care massage. The combination of gentle pressure with slow, repetitive movements stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and restoration.

Even people with a serious illness or in a palliative setting can benefit greatly from a care massage. In a state of rest, sick individuals can experience more strength, making their treatment more bearable and promoting recovery.

During their training, care massage therapists also learn to professionally address issues such as scars, edema, or a stoma.

I enjoyed my massage so much, it was so delightful, skilled, calm... Once again, a big thank you.

— Mieke
A diffuser for essential oil at work, the mist escapes from the top.

Cocon jaune provides a sense of security, safety, and warmth through soft blankets, natural oils, and calming music. During a care massage, you as a person are the focus, and you indicate which parts of your body may be touched.



A care massage lasts 60 minutes and costs 60 euros.

People with a lower energy level can opt for 30 minutes, at a cost of 30 euros.


You can choose from the following massages:

  • Leg
    Back and leg
  • Head
    Head and face
  • Arm
    Arm and hand
  • Foot
    Leg and foot
  • Chair
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In the corner of the room stands a wooden chair with a sheepskin rug over it, next to it a table with tea.