Hi, I am Jasmin

& I offer relaxing massages

Come as you are and enjoy a pleasing massage, straight from the heart, where your wishes always take center stage.

A view of the cocon jaune massage room, with a massage table in the middle, a lamp hanging above and a window behind it.


  • Carefull massage

    A soft, safe touch technique for anyone wanting to experience a deep relaxation.

  • Voetreflexologie

    This treatment brings your mind and body back to their natural balance.

This morning I had a massage on my head and face. The massage was wonderful, but also the attention and care before and afterwards was a pleasant experience. Jasmin truly pays attention to you. The only downside... is that time passes by so quickly when you're enjoying yourself.

— Sarah
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About me

After my bachelor's degree in psychology which I obtained in Lyon, I have always worked in the social sector and in healthcare with various target groups.

A common thread throughout my work experiences was the need for recognition, attention, calmness, and touch among the people I worked with. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there is often not enough time for these important aspects. It was due to the serious illness of a loved one that I discovered care massage and chose to pursue training as a massage therapist and later training in foot reflexology. The courses at CVO miras resulted in the creation of cocon jaune, a safe warm place for women who want to find peace. This place allows me to use my understanding of people to help others find peace.

Jasmin sitting down, smiling, looking at the top right.